Vladimir Plahotniuc

Plahotniuc hid: Moldovan usurper doesn’t stay too long in Miami
18.12.2019, 16:34
Zelensky may shelter fugitive Moldovan counterpart Poroshenko
11.12.2019, 15:30
Fugitive Moldovan usurper may return to the country under a different name
22.11.2019, 12:10
Plahotniuc “evacuates” the most loyal deputies from the Democratic Party of Moldova to create a new party
06.11.2019, 21:21
Kiev is ready to officially confirm the fact of Plahotniuc’s escape through Ukraine
29.10.2019, 10:55
Crisis unplanned by Plahotniuc took place in the Democratic Party of Moldova
26.10.2019, 15:47
Plahotniuc arrested in absentia and put on the wanted list
11.10.2019, 19:15
The plans of the American embassy provoked protests in Chisinau
12.09.2019, 16:33
Moldovan pro-Europeans push Plahotniuc’s followers into authorities
12.09.2019, 15:04
The Democratic Party of Moldova is looking for an alliance with the socialists
10.09.2019, 12:20
Plahotniuc says goodbye to Moldova: oligarch assets are methodically sold out
02.09.2019, 14:28
The Eu Will Generously Reward Its Henchmen In Moldova For A “quiet Revolution” Against Plahotniuc
18.07.2019, 15:12