Italy wants to conclude a new treaty with Libya: it plans to strengthen the protection of migrants
10.02.2020, 14:51
A joint Libyan military commission is operational in Geneva
03.02.2020, 20:46
Russia sent messages proposing to the UN Security Council Five
27.01.2020, 15:01
Russian Foreign Minister and UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Syria to hold a meeting
22.01.2020, 15:19
UN Secretary General announced the date of the first meeting of the Libyan military committee
22.01.2020, 12:26
It can’t be done without Russia. German media about the international agenda
15.01.2020, 12:50
Seven countries lost their voting rights in the UN General Assembly
12.01.2020, 20:21
The West does not hesitate to risk the lives of the Syrians in the political game: Results of the UN Security Council vote on humanitarian assistance
11.01.2020, 12:39
The UN said attacks on Iraq’s bases violate its sovereignty and lead to an escalation of the situation
08.01.2020, 19:00
The UN Secretary General is obliged to oppose the “cowboy” gamble of Trump
07.01.2020, 17:19
China has called on the UN Security Council to discuss the murder of Suleimani
06.01.2020, 18:19
In Pyongyang, the U.S. initiative to convene the UN Security Council was called hostile
12.12.2019, 16:30