American diplomat says reduction of US troops in Germany can prompt Berlin to improve relations with Russia and decrease tensions in Europe
17.06.2020, 09:42
The New York Times: Iraq and US agree on troop withdrawal
13.06.2020, 14:10
Iraqi command denied reports of the US withdrawal from 15 bases
10.02.2020, 17:03
The Pentagon confirmed it does not intend to withdraw its troops from Iraq
18.01.2020, 12:24
Riyadh paid Washington the first $ 500 million for the deployment of troops in the Kingdom
17.01.2020, 10:49
Iraqi government will support the decision to withdraw foreign troops
14.01.2020, 20:23
US intends to withdraw part of troops from Afghanistan even without deal with Taliban
13.01.2020, 10:42
Russia will increase the potential of troops on the border with Central Asia
27.12.2019, 18:41
The Crimea responds to a Kiev’s statement on the “nightmarish” Europe military base
24.11.2019, 18:40
The USA fears Turkish operation will lead to withdrawal of the US troops from Syria
03.10.2019, 17:10
Increasing US troop presence in Poland will violate Russia-NATO act
30.04.2019, 16:25
Yellow Vests Protest as Troops Allowed to Open Fire if Threatened
23.03.2019, 18:19