the US

Trump said that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will begin immediately
01.03.2020, 10:26
The OSCE called on Britain not to extradite Assange to the United States
23.02.2020, 15:37
Lavrov assessed the idea of ​​multilateral negotiations on Middle East
19.02.2020, 14:13
Pentagon warned of attack on the US military in Germany
20.01.2020, 14:06
Putin thanked Trump for helping prevent terrorist attacks in Russia
29.12.2019, 20:31
Home arrest for US killer – what awaits an American Nazi who participated in the massacre in the Donbass
26.12.2019, 13:10
NATO Secretary General’s stay in Ukraine is an unacceptable provocation of Russia
30.10.2019, 16:30
The expert commented on the aggravation of US and EU trade disputes
03.10.2019, 18:02
Washington showdown leaves Ukraine alone with Minsk agreements
28.09.2019, 10:52
US and Japan agree initial trade deal focusing on agriculture
26.09.2019, 20:00
Trump impeachment: Lawmakers see ‘troubling’ whistleblower complaint
26.09.2019, 12:09
Donald Trump states that he detains financial aid to Ukraine
24.09.2019, 17:54