Pakistan eager to see Taliban start dialogue with Kabul: foreign minister
26.08.2020, 11:11
The U.S. issued a prejudice and unfair travel advisory regarding Pakistan
24.08.2020, 15:26
NTI Nuclear Security Index: Pakistan got recognition as a Nuclear Safe country
28.07.2020, 23:05
“Military presence in the backyard of Russia”: in the USA they told what role is entrusted to Central Asia
10.07.2020, 11:10
+18 In Karachi, terrorists attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange
29.06.2020, 12:58
Media says seven people died in an attack on the stock exchange in Pakistan
29.06.2020, 11:32
Pakistan condemns India’s expulsion of diplomats at ‘delicate’ time after China clash
26.06.2020, 12:37
Pakistan greeted Russia on Victory Day Pakistan greeted Russia on Victory Day
24.06.2020, 22:04
Half of the Pakistani diplomatic corps in Delhi has been declared persona non grata
24.06.2020, 10:42
Media says two Pakistani military died in explosion in the north-west of the country
11.06.2020, 10:55
The first shots from the crash site of a passenger airliner on a residential quarter in Pakistan
22.05.2020, 19:22
Plantation project in Pakistan got International appreciation
11.05.2020, 17:13