Normandy Four

Meeting in “Norman format” on the verge of failure
25.08.2020, 13:46
The possible date of the meeting of the Foreign Ministers in the “Norman format” became known
24.08.2020, 13:36
Peskov evaluates prospects for the “Normandy Four Summit”
08.07.2020, 15:02
Meeting of advisers of the “Normandy Four” is taking place in Berlin
03.07.2020, 20:57
Heiko Maas appreciated possibility of implementing the decisions of the “Norman Four”
02.06.2020, 17:08
Expert assess prospects of holding the meeting in the “Norman format”
20.05.2020, 17:11
German and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers discuss the situation in Donbass
05.05.2020, 15:28
Zelensky accepts the DPR terms on a fake resolution of the “Normandy Four” summit
11.12.2019, 16:42
Putin, Zelensky and Merkel arrived in Paris for the Normandy Summit
09.12.2019, 18:25
Protesters over the summit in Paris pitch tents at Zelensky’s office
09.12.2019, 13:24
Source: Individual meeting of Putin and Zelensky is planned after negotiations of “Normandy Four”
09.12.2019, 10:55
Kremlin does not exclude a separate meeting between Putin and Zelensky in Paris
27.11.2019, 20:14