Nigel Farage

Farage defends comments on Harry and Meghan ‘irrelevant campaigns’ attack
12.08.2019, 16:15
Nigel Farage Slams Prince Harry, ‘Hopes’ Queen Lives Long to Stop Charles From Becoming King: Report
12.08.2019, 13:38
Nigel Farage says Trump’s ‘go back’ tweet bashing progressive Democrats was politically ‘genius’
03.08.2019, 17:10
Brexit Party leader Farage open to electoral pact with Conservative Party
24.07.2019, 12:46
Farage calls on Boris to clear out Europhiles from government
23.07.2019, 18:52
Farage Vows to ‘Replace the British Conservative Party’ If Boris Betrays Brexit
15.07.2019, 10:24
Nigel Farage Demands Sacking of ‘Globalist’ UK Envoy to US Over Anti-Trump Leaked Memos
07.07.2019, 16:10
Nigel Farage tells he won’t show respect for foreign anthems ‘forced upon us’
03.07.2019, 16:35
France: Brexit Party MEPs turn their backs during EU’s ‘Ode to Joy’ anthem
02.07.2019, 16:16
Farage Teases Brexit-Tory Pact That Could Win ‘Massive, Thumping Majority’ For PM Boris
25.06.2019, 10:23
Nigel Farage: I Can Be Boris Johnson’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy… It’s up to Him
25.06.2019, 10:11
No-deal Brexit election pact with Boris Johnson would win a ‘massive majority’
19.06.2019, 14:13