Maria Zakharova

Russian diplomat castigates Trump’s remarks about potential WTO pullout
15.08.2019, 17:16
Moscow to file protests to US, Germany over interference in Russia’s politics
05.08.2019, 12:19
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Russian Foreign Ministry Quips at Hunt’s Hong Kong
05.07.2019, 15:59
US looking for excuses to undermine relations with Iran, says Russian foreign ministry
04.04.2019, 20:57
Putin’s Aide Responds to Trump’s Demand on Russia Military in Venezuela
28.03.2019, 14:48
Moscow Urges US to Fulfil Pledges on Syria Before Offering Advice on Venezuela
28.03.2019, 12:24
US, EU want to hide information on real situation in Crimea – diplomat
24.03.2019, 19:53
Memorandum on Idlib may help improve situation in Syria, says diplomat
07.03.2019, 17:34
Russian Embassy Demands Apology From UK Newspaper for Defaming Ambassador
04.03.2019, 10:46