Kurds are stepping on the old American rake – the US was again able to buy “manual” fighters
07.11.2019, 15:38
Erdogan accused the US of not fulfilling an agreement to withdraw Kurds in Syria
05.11.2019, 16:30
Turkey is in talks with Russia on the transfer of prisoners of the Syrian military
31.10.2019, 16:59
Turkey’s Syria invasion rapidly backfiring for Ankara amid unexpected international condemnation
28.10.2019, 20:45
Erdogan threatens Kurds with new operation in case of failure of agreements
26.10.2019, 20:38
Trump has nothing to do with this – in Germany called the main reason for the shameful defeat of the West in Syria
25.10.2019, 10:43
Syrian Kurd sets himself on fire near the UN headquarters
24.10.2019, 15:10
Russian Foreign Ministry confirms the Russian-Turkish memorandum implementation
24.10.2019, 13:21
Peskov said the United States betrayed the Kurds and forced them to fight Turkey
23.10.2019, 10:57
Kurdish militants in Syria “help” the Islamic state to arm itself
21.10.2019, 15:54
Turkish army occupied the city of Ras Al Ain
20.10.2019, 18:41
Kurds say the death of 16 fighters during the attack of the Turkish army in Syria
20.10.2019, 17:36