South Korean Foreign Minister to discuss with Pompeo DPRK and the Middle East
09.01.2020, 11:20
South Korea to pardon 1,800 conscientious objectors
30.12.2019, 15:29
Seoul believes that Kim Jong-Un may announce a break in dialogue with the U.S. in a New Year’s speech
17.12.2019, 12:50
South Korean defense ministry comments on DPRK artillery exercises
25.11.2019, 13:00
South Korea canceled a joint naval exercise with Japan security services
22.11.2019, 10:30
North Korea is not ready to make any offers to Trump without getting anything in return-KCNA
18.11.2019, 16:10
US and South Korea postpone military exercises due to DPRK
17.11.2019, 20:47
U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says the U.S. is ready to maintain and build alert on the Korean Peninsula to support Washington’s diplomatic efforts to denuclearize North Korea
14.11.2019, 16:30
Trump confirmed his intention to continue dialogue with North Korea
05.11.2019, 10:30
Chinese foreign Ministry after North Korea launches called on all parties to a peaceful dialogue
01.11.2019, 12:58
Moon Jae-In sent a message to Abe to improve relations between the countries
24.10.2019, 12:16
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan called the main way to resolve the DPRK nuclear issue
16.10.2019, 10:41