Ivica Dacic

Serbian Foreign Minister: I’m not sure that Pristina wants a compromise
31.08.2018, 14:03
Serbian foreign minister plans to meet with Russian top diplomat in Sochi on August 21
21.08.2018, 10:35
Serbian Foreign Minister: There is no country that would do more for Serbia than Russia
10.08.2018, 14:47
Serbia to transfer list of concentration camps victims names to Croatia
03.05.2018, 12:39
Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposes to reduce embassies in EU countries
20.04.2018, 14:20
Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the aggravation in Kosovo: We are waiting for April 20
02.04.2018, 13:23
Serbian Foreign Minister suggests to hold Putin-Trump meeting in Belgrade
22.03.2018, 14:24
Serbia sets sight on enhancing overall relations with Russia
19.12.2017, 16:36
Ivica Dacic: Warrant against Haradinaj was not withdrawn, but blacked out
05.12.2017, 13:47
Serbian Foreign Ministry: Kosovo will not become a member of the UN, while Russia is on Serbian side
28.11.2017, 14:41
Serbian FM: At least eight recognitions of “Kosovo” – fictitious
27.11.2017, 16:15
Diplomatic row between Serbia and Ukraine: Foreign Minister explained why he will not accept the Ukrainian ambassador
23.11.2017, 13:44