Concerned Hungarian deputies ask their Russian colleagues to help protect national minorities in Ukraine
03.12.2019, 19:45
Hungary ready to start discussion with Gazprom on new gas agreement
02.12.2019, 17:17
Migrants who refuse to live in accommodation centers create problems in the Balkans
02.12.2019, 13:05
Putin arrives in Budapest on the official visit
30.10.2019, 17:03
Russian Orthodox Church says Putin will discuss the restoration of Syrian temples in Hungary
30.10.2019, 16:48
The population of the village doubled, as the ukrainians stormed polling stations in hungary
16.10.2019, 12:39
“Nezalezhne” despair: Ukrainians pretending to be hungarians for the passport of the neighbouring country
05.10.2019, 13:55
Kiev’s cooperation with NATO is blocked by Hungary
17.09.2019, 20:05
Brussels trying to press on Budapest – a punitive procedure is being applied against Hungary
17.09.2019, 12:00
Hungary accuses Germany of hypocrisy – Berlin cooperates with Russia and China, but doesn’t allow this others
10.09.2019, 14:15
With the termination of the INF Treaty, Europe becomes a porcelain set requiring protection
23.08.2019, 18:49
George Soros reiterates support for CEU
16.08.2019, 19:17