Foreign Ministry

Zakharova condemned Western interference in Russia’s internal affairs
02.02.2021, 14:38
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25.06.2020, 21:24
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15.04.2020, 19:40
Lavrov discussed with Chinese Foreign Minister situation with coronavirus in the world
14.04.2020, 20:14
Zakharova calls on the US to bring the New York Times to justice
14.04.2020, 19:50
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18.01.2020, 13:58
Russian Foreign Ministry noted connivance of the UN Secretary General in the situation with US visas
25.12.2019, 20:43
Russian Foreign Minister comments on the situation in Bolivia
14.11.2019, 18:19
Lavrov told about the implementation of the Russia and Turkey’s memorandum on Syria
25.10.2019, 16:18
Russian Foreign Ministry: the introduction of a single visa in the CIS can be a positive step
22.10.2019, 14:38
Moscow is ready to develop cooperation with Kiev, the Foreign Ministry says
22.10.2019, 13:53
Deputy Foreign Minister discusses implementation of Minsk agreements with German Ambassador
01.10.2019, 17:30