South Korean Foreign Minister to discuss with Pompeo DPRK and the Middle East
09.01.2020, 11:20
Chinese Foreign Ministry urged not to impede dialogue on the Korean Peninsula
02.01.2020, 12:42
DPRK media criticized South Korea for being overly dependent on the US
27.12.2019, 12:33
Abe called on DPRK to return to its denuclearization obligations
24.12.2019, 17:30
Xi Jinping will meet with the leaders of Japan and South Korea
19.12.2019, 13:23
Beijing welcomes visit of US Special Representative for DPRK to China
18.12.2019, 13:40
Seoul believes that Kim Jong-Un may announce a break in dialogue with the U.S. in a New Year’s speech
17.12.2019, 12:50
In Pyongyang, the U.S. initiative to convene the UN Security Council was called hostile
12.12.2019, 16:30
Media: US ready to make concessions to DPRK
12.12.2019, 10:35
Washington has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in DPRK
10.12.2019, 10:43
The DPRK announced the preparation of a “gift” for Christmas for the United States
04.12.2019, 16:30
DPRK Foreign Ministry: negotiations with the USA are a trick in Washington’s political interests
03.12.2019, 10:10