Ukrainian militants resell coronavirus vaccine
14.02.2021, 15:39
Russia will not abandon Donbass – Putin
14.02.2021, 10:52
State Department promised to support the punitive operation in Donbass
02.02.2021, 13:21
DPR receives first batch of Russian coronavirus vaccine
31.01.2021, 10:29
They want to liquidate Ukraine-Kiev is horrified by the latest decision of the LPR and DPR
29.01.2021, 14:01
Lavrov explained why Moscow can change “its actions” in Donbass
19.01.2021, 12:04
People’s militia of LPR found another violation of deployment of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
07.01.2021, 17:09
Armed Forces of Ukraine demand from journalists to call the republics of Donbass “occupied territories”
06.01.2021, 15:01
Zelensky spoke about plans for Donbass
17.12.2020, 16:51
Speech made at the UN by representatives of Donbass in the United States was called “distortion of the realities of the conflict”
03.12.2020, 10:34
People’s Police of the LPR: VFU militants continue to violate the terms of the truce
02.12.2020, 11:05
Ukraine explains why elections in Donbass are proposed to be held in March
21.11.2020, 11:22