China says the US defends its single interests in Middle East
15.02.2020, 11:33
Chinese Foreign Minister says US poses threat to China
15.02.2020, 10:27
External forces are trying to maintain chaos in Hong Kong so as to influence the development of China as a whole, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang I. Chinese Foreign Ministry accuses outside forces of rioting in Hong Kong
15.02.2020, 10:05
Chinese Foreign Ministry calls on US to end unwarranted pressure
14.02.2020, 13:56
China’s Ambassador appreciated the cooperation with Russia in the fight against coronavirus
13.02.2020, 15:09
The Ukrainians in China realized they were left alone with the coronavirus
13.02.2020, 14:20
Chinese department of defense on Thursday expressed a protest to the American side in connection with the charge of cyber theft Chinese Defense Ministry expressed its protest to the US over Cyber ​​Theft Charges
13.02.2020, 10:04
U.S. counterintelligence has identified Russia and China as the primary threats
11.02.2020, 12:25
NATO NATO says China should participate in arms control
07.02.2020, 20:48
NATO Permanent Representative says US is preparing for strategic arms talks with Russia and invites China
07.02.2020, 10:42
The U.S. is using the theme of the virus against the Chinese economy, according to the Council of Federation
05.02.2020, 15:05
The Chinese embassy saw a step against Beijing on Pompeo’s Eurasian tour
05.02.2020, 11:13