China says partnership with Russia does not imply military alliance against other countries
01.03.2021, 13:12
Chinese expert believes that Russia’s influence on the global stage has increased during the pandemic
24.02.2021, 16:09
Chinese Foreign Ministry protests UK over allegations of violations of Uighur rights in Xinjiang
24.02.2021, 15:41
US and Canada join forces to confront China – Biden
24.02.2021, 14:56
China has condemned Canada’s statement on Xinjiang and made a stern submission to it
23.02.2021, 13:22
China reveals condition for possible cooperation with U.S.
22.02.2021, 11:15
Chinese authorities have reported for the first time the death of four soldiers on the border with India in June 2020
19.02.2021, 14:22
EU and US say NATO needs to be strengthened
19.02.2021, 10:23
US economy will lose billions due to anti-China policy
18.02.2021, 16:36
China has condemned the development of a NATO strategic concept aimed at deterring China and Russia
18.02.2021, 14:57
Britain evacuates 5,000 pro-Western extremists from Hong Kong
18.02.2021, 13:58
China prepares ‘metal strike’ on US defence capability
17.02.2021, 18:27