2020 US Presidential Election

Joe Biden Falls: National Poll Shows Statistical Three-Way Tie in Democrat Presidential Race
27.08.2019, 12:37
To beat Trump in 2020, Democrats will need to get down and dirty
27.08.2019, 12:34
Washington Governor Jay Inslee Withdraws From 2020 Presidential Race
22.08.2019, 19:24
Warren Working to Displace Biden and Appeal to Black Voters in South Carolina
20.08.2019, 12:43
Nolte: Same Democrat Lawmakers Who Dox Us Want to Confiscate Our Guns
08.08.2019, 10:16
Texas Poll: Joe Biden Leading Beto O’Rourke by 9 Points
07.08.2019, 15:53
Slavoj Zizek – Truth is many Democrat ‘moderates’ prefer Trump to Sanders in 2020 White House race
07.08.2019, 15:17
AOC’s Democratic Socialists of America Endorses Open Borders
07.08.2019, 12:05
George Soros has already donated £4m ahead of 2020 US election
04.08.2019, 12:38
California governor approves bill forcing Trump to show tax returns before he can appear on ballot
31.07.2019, 14:16
America’s Oligarch Kosher Sandwich – the Dems Want to Destroy Russia, the Republicans, Iran
10.07.2019, 17:19
Joe Biden pledges to cut incarceration rate by more than 50%
10.07.2019, 13:15