Middle East

Ambassador of Ukraine in Tel Aviv: Israel does not want to leave the comfort zone because of Ukraine
08.06.2022, 14:40
Turkish Armed Forces to begin operation in northern Syria within a week – media
08.06.2022, 10:45
Turkey cancels a number of NATO military exercises due to the Montreux Convention
31.05.2022, 17:50
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30.05.2022, 15:08
Why Erdogan publicly humiliates Finland and Sweden
18.05.2022, 15:35
The European Parliament threatens Turkey when blocking the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO
15.05.2022, 16:54
Everyone has the right to resist the West to impose their values – Erdogan’s adviser
14.05.2022, 16:50
Gas passions: expert Mitrahovich considers Germany’s attempt to negotiate with Qatar a failure
11.05.2022, 15:44
“Unsuccessful throwing”: Germany continues to persuade Qatar to replace Russian gas
11.05.2022, 12:48
“Just one call”: American expert Episkopos admires Putin’s diplomacy
10.05.2022, 14:04
“Raider takeover”: head of Russian Scientific Center accuses U.S. of taking over Libyan resources
06.05.2022, 10:56
Syrian President Assad assassinated
02.05.2022, 16:17