Tbilisi accused Kyiv of asking the European Commission not to give Georgia the status of an EU candidate
23.06.2022, 13:54
Dmitry Peskov: CSTO forces did not plan to involve in a special operation
20.06.2022, 16:15
Reuters: China ramps up oil deliveries from Russia
20.06.2022, 14:19
Sanctions won’t solve situation in Ukraine, Chinese Defense Minister says
12.06.2022, 10:11
Ukraine turned to India with a request to become one of the guarantors of security, media reported
04.06.2022, 13:21
Baijiahao: Chinese admire Russia’s resistance to US blackmail
03.06.2022, 16:06
Beijing commented on the joint maneuvers of the air forces of China and Russia
25.05.2022, 15:49
‘Collapse of a hegemon’: Global Times predicts Russia’s key role on world stage
16.05.2022, 13:27
Lukashenko will arrive in Moscow on May 16 for a meeting of leaders of the CSTO countries
14.05.2022, 15:15
Anatoly Bibilov loses presidential election in South Ossetia
14.05.2022, 10:23
“This is a failure”: Global Times defeated Western sanctions against Russia
13.05.2022, 16:07
Chinese media assess Ukraine’s role in dangerous US game
13.05.2022, 13:50