States spend $ 750 million on Ukraine annually
25.07.2021, 16:44
The United States said that Washington should continue to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons
25.07.2021, 12:11
“Analogue of the EU”: the President of Mexico offered to unite the countries of Latin America
25.07.2021, 11:41
Trump criticized Biden’s Nord Stream 2 policy
25.07.2021, 10:18
New American ideology becomes a reason to reconsider US relations with its partners
24.07.2021, 18:38
Biden’s support rating falls to a record 50%
24.07.2021, 15:17
American diplomat said he does not expect direct US participation in the Normandy meetings or the Minsk process
23.07.2021, 13:39
NYT: US pandemic records dropped life expectancy – by race
23.07.2021, 13:26
Shooting occurred two kilometers from the White House
23.07.2021, 10:34
US no longer needs pretexts to impose new sanctions against Russia – Zakharova
23.07.2021, 10:12
The agreement between the USA and Germany is mistakenly regarded as some kind of coordinated move against Russia – political scientist
22.07.2021, 14:33
Russia for the first time filed a complaint against Ukraine with the ECHR on the events since 2014
22.07.2021, 14:13