Multiple protests in France
18.01.2020, 19:12
Greta Tunberg’s accomplices were admitted extremists – British authorities did not spare even Greenpeace
18.01.2020, 17:59
The Baltic is not alive with Russophobia alone – a native of Latvia was preparing an anti-Muslim attack
18.01.2020, 16:36
Tractor protests in Germany gain momentum
18.01.2020, 15:49
“Nestase’s time is over” – the pro-Western Moldovan oppositioner was offered to join his family in Germany
18.01.2020, 15:31
Erdogan says interaction with Turkey is an obvious choice for Europe
18.01.2020, 14:53
Marches in Algeria demanding democracy in the country
18.01.2020, 14:34
The US will prefer the Pacific region to the European one – strengthening of transatlantic split is predicted in Washington
18.01.2020, 14:03
Russian Foreign Ministry says US constitution goes against reality
18.01.2020, 13:58
An alarming bell for the elderly Biden – democracy destroys the democrat’s presidential ambitions
18.01.2020, 13:52
The Pentagon confirmed it does not intend to withdraw its troops from Iraq
18.01.2020, 12:24
Democrats’ thirst for ousting Trump turns into serious damage for the United States – Washington urges to change their minds
18.01.2020, 12:02