“Russian spring” gave us back faith in victory

  The return of the Crimea to Russia were among those historical events whose meaning is understood by virtually all in the moment, when they do happen, in fact, is the surest indicator of the

Delegation of European, Ukrainian politicians arrives in Crimea

  The delegation consists of about 20 people and includes members of the European Parliament, politicians from EU member states, CIS countries and Latin America.     “The lawmakers arrived searching for the truth, in order to see how Crimea lives

Kiev angry at Belgrade after ruling party MPs visit Crimea

  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has condemned the visit of a group of Serbian Assembly members (“people’s deputies”) to Crimea.     Kiev also summoned the Serbian ambassador to Ukraine and asked

Crimea’s reunification with Russia prevented bloodshed

  The historical reunification of Crimea with Russia in 2014 allowed to prevent an armed conflict on the territory of the peninsula and to avoid numerous casualties, Russia’s envoy to the Contact Group on Ukraine Boris Gryzlov said Thursday.     “The political

Serbian lawmakers arrive in Crimea for 3-day visit

  Members of the Serbian People’s Party on Tuesday began their three-day visit to Crimea on the occasion of the third anniversary of Crimea’s rejoining with Russia.     The delegation is expected to hold meetings

Konstantin Knyrik: The Crimean Front of the Russian Spring

  Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard   Excerpt from a book, which is set to be released in the near future:     Crimea was saying goodbye to its heroes. With all military honors. Thousands of

Ukraine, Crimea and the Push for War

  There are currently three major flash points in the world, where a false step could rapidly lead to escalation and a major war from which human civilization would be the main loser. Those flashpoints

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