The delegation of Crimea urged Serbia not to hesitate to recognize the status of the peninsula
06.12.2019, 15:58
Ukraine introduces news sanctions against legal entities operating in the Crimea
28.11.2019, 11:07
Crimea discusses with Syria the opening of maritime and aviation communications
25.11.2019, 16:40
The Crimea responds to a Kiev’s statement on the “nightmarish” Europe military base
24.11.2019, 18:40
In Crimea, told how many Ukrainians came to live on the peninsula
13.11.2019, 16:49
A delegation from Syria, led by the governor of the province of Tartus, arrived in Crimea
04.11.2019, 17:20
American grant-eaters provoke conflict in the Black Sea
08.10.2019, 17:01
The OSCE recognized the historical affiliation of Crimea to Russia
08.10.2019, 10:46
Guests from the EU and the USA did not see human rights violations in Crimea, but observed ordinary life
07.10.2019, 09:46
Ukraine plans to organize passenger transportation on the border with Crimea
29.09.2019, 15:28
A large delegation from the Western countries to visit Crimea
29.09.2019, 11:25
A tactical exercise involving the Black Sea Fleet was held in Crimea
21.09.2019, 17:22