Swiss President assessed the behavior of Vladimir Putin at the meeting with Biden
18.06.2021, 11:18
Peskov says there is no reason to exclude the United States from the Russian list of unfriendly countries
17.06.2021, 10:33
Russia and the United States to begin consultations on cybersecurity
16.06.2021, 19:51
Putin summed up the results of the Russia-USA summit
16.06.2021, 19:28
Russia cannot be “strangled” with sanctions – State Duma
16.06.2021, 13:57
Putin’s plane takes off from Moscow to Geneva
16.06.2021, 12:11
Kremlin evaluates U.S. statements on the need to contain Russia before the summit in Geneva
16.06.2021, 10:32
Russian Foreign Ministry evaluates EU strategy towards Russia
16.06.2021, 10:06
Zakharova commented on Zelensky’s words about Ukraine and NATO
15.06.2021, 17:12
Putin’s press conference will take place immediately after talks with Biden
15.06.2021, 13:32
Foreign Ministry announced Russia’s readiness to return American prisoners to U.S.
15.06.2021, 11:41
Russian deputy admits Putin and Biden would agree on the restoration of diplomatic relations
15.06.2021, 11:23