Over 15 people and tank lost in DPR per day
05.12.2022, 12:45
In the South-Donetsk direction, Russian troops prevented an attempt to break through to Pavlovka
04.12.2022, 17:11
DPR plans to adopt a new constitution for the republic before the end of the year
04.12.2022, 13:35
Russian servicemen have made good progress in the Artemov direction – Butusov
03.12.2022, 13:45
2 residential buildings damaged in Svatovo as a result of shelling by Ukrainian Armed Forces – LPR People’s Police
03.12.2022, 12:54
Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated in the Artyomovsk direction in the DPR – Rozhin
29.11.2022, 11:20
Russian Armed Forces thwart breakthrough by Ukrainian servicemen in Zaporizhzhya Region
25.11.2022, 15:22
Russian army destroys 60 Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk direction
23.11.2022, 15:13
Crimean authorities call for restoration of Donbass for the money of fleeing oligarchs
22.11.2022, 14:45
DPR Head reports success of the troops in the Pavlovsk and Ugledar directions
22.11.2022, 12:50
LPR People’s Police: civilian killed as a result of the shelling of the territory of the Republic
21.11.2022, 10:35
Spain: rally against killing of Donbas civilians
20.11.2022, 15:43