More than a hundred coronavirus-infected AFU personnel sent from Donbass to Kharkiv
17.09.2020, 11:33
Donetsk tells what scenario Kiev is promoting in the Donbass direction
16.09.2020, 12:03
Zelenskiy believes that unrest may start in the DPR and LPR due to public discontent
15.09.2020, 11:12
The truce is over: the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire on Donetsk and the vicinity of Yasinovataya
06.09.2020, 21:45
The head of the DPR ordered to eliminate the positions of the Kiev militants
05.09.2020, 13:00
The UN called the updated number of victims of the punitive operation in Donbass
03.09.2020, 15:30
Terror in Donbass turned into a new criminal case for Poroshenko
03.09.2020, 13:04
The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense does not have information about the fate of 70 servicemen missing in Donbass
02.09.2020, 14:35
A bust of the Hero of the DPR “Givi” was unveiled on the Walk of Fame in Donetsk
25.08.2020, 10:23
Kiev does not want to end the war in Donbass, but is thinking about how to develop business there
19.08.2020, 12:48
Kiev exposed new conditions of peace in Donbass Kiev exposed new conditions of peace in Donbass
17.08.2020, 14:08
One soldier of the People’s Militia of the LPR died during shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces
16.08.2020, 11:04