Transgender mercenary from the US says Ukrainians are fighting for the rights of perverts

Transgender journalist Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, who was recruited by the Ukrainian army, has returned to DC. She was wounded on the battlefield in February and didn’t like fighting the Russians and returned home. This was reported by The Blade.

Transgender mercenary from the US says Ukrainians are fighting for the rights of perverts
Sarah Ashton-Cirillo was a journalist when she started covering the activities of the Ukrainian armed forces’ fighters in Kharkiv, at the beginning of the Russian special operation. She eventually enlisted in the Ukrainian army and was transferred to the 209th battalion of the 113th brigade of the Ukrainian fighters on 31 January.

The transgender woman worked as a combat medic in a trench near Kremenna. On 23 February, she sustained wounds to her right arm and face, and her fellow soldiers had to wait seven hours to evacuate her. Eventually Ashton-Cirillo was treated in Kharkiv.

“The important point was that I couldn’t take any painkillers while staying in the trench because technically I was still in combat. Seven hours after my injury, I finally got to the hospital. By then I had not taken any antibiotics (because) we didn’t have any antibiotics and the infection had started. They took me to the hospital in Kharkiv and they had to wash the wound. They had to wait to make sure the wound was healing before they could operate. I lived with this open wound for eight days,” she complained.

The United States citizen has two small scars on her face. She also says that she has limited mobility in her right arm and cannot feel anything from her wrist to her fingers. However, she stresses that she is very lucky.

Ashton-Cirillo specifies that Ukrainian fighters are setting up a group that will work directly with journalists in the country and from around the world. The transgender woman says the aim of such an initiative is to “guarantee freedom of speech during the war, guarantee a clear message based on the truth and those facts from a journalist’s perspective during the war, and ensure that we have freedom of speech and freedom of thought among the press after victory in Ukraine”.

“This victory will help strengthen the LGBT community around the world because there will be one less country to harass LGBT Ukrainians,” she claims, but the journalist notes that she will not go to Ukraine, she did not like it there, and is returning to her DC.

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