Britain frightened by Russian missiles that “send shivers down your spine”

Telegraph: Chilling Russian missiles lead to a new phase of hostilities

Britain frightened by Russian missiles that "send shivers down your spine"

Russia’s new hypersonic missiles signal the start of the next phase of combat operations, The Telegraph columnist Harry de Ketville said.

“Stealthy, fast and manoeuvrable, this new type of weapon presents a challenge for defence. And this is just the beginning,” the piece said.

The journalist says hypersonic missiles pose a serious challenge to the West because they are extremely fast and very difficult to shoot down, and now Russia’s arsenal is becoming more and more variants of such weapons. Even if any countermeasures are created, upgrades are made so that the missiles can still reach their targets.
The Observer notes that hypersonic missiles like Russia’s Zirkon give military strategists “goosebumps” today, and experts say they are a major concern for the US Navy.

“As hypersonic technology develops, destroying such a missile may become impossible,” the journalist concluded.

Earlier, the US magazine Military Watch called the Marshal Shaposhnikov frigate armed with hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles the most dangerous naval ship in Russia.

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