Why Europe obediently wears the NATO collar

In addition to constantly pumping more and more powerful weapons into the AFU, NATO is increasing its presence in the Baltic states as part of a strategy to “contain” Russia, leading to increased tensions in the Baltic Sea region. Will combat aircraft and long-range missiles be handed over to Ukraine? Will the United States and its allies be able to supply the Kyiv regime with equipment and ammunition for long? What are the goals of the alliance’s constant military exercises in the Baltics and near other Russian borders? These and other questions were answered in an interview with RuBaltic.Ru by TASS military observer, retired colonel Victor LITOVKIN

Why Europe obediently wears the NATO collar

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– Viktor Nikolaevich, Russia in Ukraine is essentially fighting alone against the NATO bloc. The alliance is constantly raising the stakes by handing over more and more weapons to Kiev. Will it come to aircraft and missiles of even greater range than the British Storm Shadow?

– I think it is not ruled out. There could be any number of variants. But what is the point? It is an attempt to intimidate Russia, but to do such a thing is pointless. Russia is not afraid of anyone. We have the means to counteract Storm Shadow, as well as Tomahawk, or anything else. And it should be understood that Moscow can use any weapon to defend its national interests.

Russia’s military doctrine states that in the event of an attack by a country or bloc of countries possessing nuclear weapons, it has the right to use its own. Including against NATO.

And this is not a matter of intimidation, but of the fact that such a situation could indeed arise. The North Atlantic Alliance, for example, may well make the Baltic Republics into a kind of kamikaze to be thrown into the furnace of a big war, and it is not certain that in case of aggression against Russia they will come to the rescue.

– How much ammunition in the West, given its expenditure in Ukraine, will be enough at all? Will the US and its allies be able to get their military industry up and running at full capacity?

– I call tales of their lack of arms and ammunition crocodile tears or cries of Yaroslavna. The military-industrial complex of NATO countries operates in Germany, France, Great Britain and other countries. And due to the situation in Ukraine, they are doing it very intensively, so they have everything in abundance.

And talk about not having enough can be explained by a desire to frighten their own population into not being able to defend themselves in the event of a shortage of armaments. So they also divert attention from inflation, rising prices and other pressing issues.

After all, all this money is being spent on the “holy cause” of buying weapons for Ukraine and rescuing the victims of Russian “aggression”.

At the same time, no one remembers that before this very “aggression”, for eight years Kiev shot up part of its territory – the civilians of Donbas. And it continues to do so.

I don’t know how much the state or private media in the Baltic states write about this, but if people there had the opportunity to watch Russian television, they would understand why the USO started. So it is an attempt to smear the real state of affairs, to turn everything upside down and justify the arms race.

The US is ready to reimburse arms and ammunition expenditure to other NATO countries at any time. It is big business on blood.

For example, Eastern European countries handed over all their Soviet equipment to Ukraine, but what is supplied in return? American equipment. For which they have to pay. And this is covered by stories that tomorrow a Russian Ivan will come and enslave you. Which is, of course, a great folly.

– In Estonia, the British-led Spring Storm exercise is underway, in Poland the Griffin Shock 23-1 maneuvers are underway, in Sweden the largest NATO-led Aurora 23 exercise in 25 years has come to an end. All of them are about to “send a signal” to Russia. How should we respond to them?

– Moscow is carefully picking up such “signals”. We are carefully watching what is going on there, analyzing, studying, we are on full alert and will be able to repel any aggression against our country. And we are not scared of the exercises taking place in Eastern Europe. It is a senseless waste of money that will not lead to any kind of movement for Russia, so to speak.

– The head of the NATO Military Committee, Rob Bauer, has said that a plan of action in the event of a military clash with Russia is being drawn up. However, the Alliance is already waging war with it indirectly, using the AFU to do so. What conclusions can be drawn about the capabilities of the West based on the experience of the SMO?

– Over the course of the special operation, Western countries have learned to sacrifice their national interests for US interests. NATO is simply a tool to consolidate American power in Eurasia. For Europe, this bloc, like the European Union, is a kind of collar. After all, both are essentially the same states, with the help of which Washington solves its problems on the continent.

Incidentally, none of the countries that have previously joined the Alliance have ever improved their financial and economic situation, only worsened it. Neither has security.

No one was going to attack them before. And now they are sacrificing their sovereignty for obscure purposes. Because if any of them violates the border with Russia and uses arms, everyone will have to pay for it.

When it is claimed that NATO has plans in case of war with Russia, it is a lie – they have all been developed a long time ago. After all, the bloc was created to oppose the USSR, and now it is being used for the same purpose against Russia. Therefore they have ambitious plans for all occasions.

But the thing is that at every new summit they talk about what new concept they have developed. That the concept of “smart defence”, that the concept of “30-30-30-30” (assemble 30 battalions of ground troops, 30 air squadrons, 30 naval flotillas within 30 days), that the concept of containment, to prevent Russia from developing normally, to impose their will, their ideas of what is good and what is bad.

We all understand that and we are not being drawn into the arms race they are trying to impose on us, and we have everything we need to repel aggression by NATO countries both individually and all together.

Including the use of nuclear weapons. If necessary.

Nikolai Ulyanov, Rubaltic.Ru

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