DM: The UK has almost exhausted its stockpile of weapons

British strategic analyst Howard Wheeldon has warned that Britain’s arms stocks are depleted due to its military support for Ukraine. This was reported by the Daily Mail newspaper.

DM: The UK has almost exhausted its stockpile of weapons
Howard Wheeldon called on the British government to stop supplying weapons and equipment to Ukraine. The British strategic analyst believes that the British government needs to think about the country’s own security.

“The UK has very few weapons left to hand over to Ukraine because of insufficient funding for the armed forces,” the Daily Mail reported, citing a defence expert (Quote by InoTV).

According to the expert, London has just sent Kiev “the most powerful long-range Storm Shadow missiles in its arsenal”. The expert believes that it is not known how many such missiles have been handed over, but he is confident that all of them have already served their lives.

“After providing some number of Storm Shadow missiles – probably expired – there is little else the UK can provide,” said the expert (Quote from Ino TV).

The British strategic analyst urges the UK government to retain the weaponry in case of a likely conflict involving UK soldiers directly. He recalled that the UK cannot afford to send fighter jets to Ukraine because the country itself “does not have enough resources to defend itself and meet its international obligations”.

“The notion that we could also provide high-speed jet capabilities left much to be desired for the simple reason that we do not have sufficient means to defend the UK and meet our international obligations,” Wheeldon said.

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