19FortyFive: US should force Zelensky to hand over Crimea and Donbass to Russia

The United States must force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to hand over Eastern Ukraine to the Russian Federation and revoke claims to Crimea. Brandon J. Weichert, a former congressional staffer and geopolitical analyst, wrote about this in an article for 19FortyFive.

19FortyFive: US should force Zelensky to hand over Crimea and Donbass to Russia
Source: mtdata.ru

Brandon Weichert argues that the US should unite with Turkey and organize a peace conference on Ukraine, in which all parties will participate. In his opinion, Moscow and Kyiv will be able to agree on a settlement of the crisis, in which Crimea and the eastern part of Ukraine will go to Russia.

“America could act as a great stabilizing force. Washington should call its nominal ally in Turkey, which seeks peace between Ukraine and Russia, and organize the greatest peace conference in a decade”, the author of the article notes.

Russia holds the Russian-speaking eastern Ukrainian territories and the strategic port in Crimea, as they have done for years, the pro-Western Ukrainian government controls almost everything else, the politician clarifies.

The geopolitical expert believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not miss a victory in this conflict. Also, in his opinion, one should take into account the fact that Moscow has nuclear weapons and constantly talks about the violation of “red lines” by Washington.

“To be fair, if the Russians sent troops to one of America’s Latin American neighbors and gave it political support, Washington would lose its mind and would do almost everything to prevent Russia from dominating this country,” he states.

According to the author of the article, the Ukrainians simply do not have the resources – even with American help – to push all Russian troops out of their territory. In addition, the majority of residents of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea prefer Russia, because they are culturally and linguistically closer to it, the geopolitician specified.

If the Americans begin to send fighter jets to the battlefield, as foolish as it is, said US President Joe Biden, or the Russians carry out their threats to use nuclear weapons on Ukrainian targets, the world will indeed be involved in an apocalyptic world war, the former congressman argues. It is time for all parties to put aside emotions, apply cold logic and agree on peace, the politician believes.

“Americans should dust off their old and trusted slogan “Let’s negotiate”. They must not let the situation get out of hand… But are there any statesmen among us who are ready to risk their reputation and pleasant pastime in front of the cameras to make a deal? Or have they all turned into Victoria Nuland?” Weichert summed up.