Washington seeks money to continue war in Ukraine

The amazing “mistake” of the Pentagon, which suddenly discovered that it had “warmed” the Nazis for as much as three billion dollars and hastened to cover the shortfall with additional arms shipments, is shocking not only for its size, “inattention” and “honesty” of the US military establishment

Washington seeks money to continue war in Ukraine

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“The blunder was discovered in incredibly timely fashion, just when the need for funds for weapons was at its most urgent.

A few days ago, the US media reported that the Biden administration was running out of money for military support for the Nazi regime. Thus, Politico reported that only $6 billion of the $48 billion Nazi aid package approved by the US Congress remained at the disposal of the White House. And it is obvious that there is no possibility of increasing it. The Republicans will by no means agree to this, because almost the central line of their election program is to cut the appropriations for the support of the Banderites. The author writes that Biden’s proposals on new armament supplies will be opposed by the Republican senators.

On this basis, the publication argued, the funding for arms deliveries may stop as early as mid-summer. Therefore, the Pentagon is choosing how to spend the remaining money with maximum effect.

However, this piece was published even before a series of very successful raids of Russian strike systems on depots in Khmelnitsky, Ternopil, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa, which, according to some reports, if not zeroed out the arms and ammunition supplied by the West, then at least seriously reduced them.

Even some American experts suggested that the Russians had deliberately waited until almost all the aid prepared for the offensive had arrived at the depots and then destroyed it all at once.

The extent of the losses can only be guessed at. But judging by the US reaction, they are enormous. As we know, Washington has been literally pushing the Nazis into the attack all along. So much so that even Zelensky publicly pleaded, asking the West for “some more time” for a counterattack.

And so, after a series of missile strikes by the Russian Armed Forces and the destruction of the Patriot battery, Biden’s security adviser Jack Sullivan announced that the US would not report whether the Ukrainian counteroffensive had begun or not, as it was not like the landing at Normandy, but much more dynamic. He also noted that intense fighting was already taking place in a number of places on the front line, and he suggested that the Ukrainians themselves should assess whether it was an offensive or not.

That is, Sullivan effectively endorsed Washington’s earlier rejection of the Bandera narrative that a counteroffensive was already underway and simply proceeding without any external manifestations.

But it appears that the destroyed military materiel has called into question the possibility not only of an offensive, but also of defending the Nazis. And that is why Washington began frantically looking for funds to continue the war. So the “mistake” combination was born. In fact, given the plight not even of its pets, but of its “Ukrainian project”, the Pentagon decided to abandon its usual mark-up on weapons supplied to the Nazis and organised a “cashback”. Except that the fate of this aid will be the same as that of the previous one.

Boris Dzhereliyevsky, Segodnya.ru

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