White House concerned that Ukrainian counteroffensive will fail

Politico has reported that the White House is sounding the alarm. The West does not believe that Kiev will be able to achieve any success in the offensive.

White House concerned that Ukrainian counteroffensive will fail
The White House is concerned that Ukraine’s counteroffensive may not live up to expectations, with the option of a ceasefire without peace talks being discussed. This has been reported by Politico citing US administration sources.

The West believes that the Ukrainian Armed Forces may make some progress in the south and the east, but will not be able to repeat last year’s success, the report said.

According to the paper, the White House doubts that Kiev is capable of cutting a land corridor to Crimea.

Overall, US intelligence points out that Ukrainian forces will not be able “to push Russian troops out of the area where they are deeply entrenched”.

The publication notes that Kiev, according to a number of estimates, is ready to consider adjusting its goals, “and a more modest goal might be easier to present as a victory.

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