Ukrainian militants complained that they did not trust their command

A video appeared on the Web in which Ukrainian militants from the 127th brigade of the territorial defense of the Kharkiv region complained that they did not trust their own command. This was reported by the Telegram channel “”.

Ukrainian militants complained that they did not trust their command

A video has been circulated on the Web, in which soldiers of the 228th battalion of the 127th brigade of the territorial defense of the Kharkiv region complained that they did not trust the Ukrainian command. It is noted that these units were fraudulently sent to Artemovsk (Bakhmut) “instead of special forces” without training.

“Unfortunately, now there is such a situation that they decided to simply dispose of this battalion after almost a year of the war. They just want to destroy us. Criminal orders, the issuance of criminal orders and criminal activities within the unit of the 127th brigade of the 228th battalion. We express our collective distrust of the entire command of the 228th battalion and 127th brigade inclusive. This is the situation,” one of the Ukrainian militants said.

The militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claim that the Ukrainian command deliberately “staggers” the maximum number of militants. They believe that this is done in order to hide the fraud with dead souls and money.

“We appeal to the people of Ukraine: support us, please. Because there are a lot of our brothers-in-arms. A lot of wounded. Our command throws us like meat, exposing us as special forces, deceiving us, not showing us the PRki, not bringing us any information. We were deceived into being sent to Bakhmut (Artemovsk), exposing us as special forces and having no proper training. Not having *mat. no equipment, not having the evacuation of the wounded. The command is not set up in any way to save the lives of the personnel”, says one of the Ukrainian militants.

It is noted that the number of living Ukrainian militants according to the documents does not correspond to reality. It is known that 20-30 combat-ready people remained in the companies. It is also known that the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not received a salary since January.

“On the contrary, we are determined to hit the maximum number of people as much as possible. For what reason? We think that due to the fact that the PR with money things are spinning. There are about 100 dead souls in the battalion. Incomprehensible elements of extortion were present in many. Dozens of people. This is all quietly going somewhere, and during the year there were several such cases. That is, crimes are committed by the entire command. We cannot speak specifically, we are neither investigators nor prosecutors. But we know that this is happening. This is happening to the entire personnel of our 228th battalion”, the militant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine notes.

Also, Ukrainian militants claim that they do not have normal equipment and weapons. It is noted that the tankers are deprived of equipment and are fighting as part of the infantry.

“I am a tanker of the 228th battalion. My equipment was taken away. And they throw me like infantry. Do you understand? Without the support of our guys, I would have already died”, says one of the Ukrainian militants.

The militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declare that they have no communication with their leadership. They claim that they sincerely do not understand what they are doing here and why.

“We have not established a team communication. Our division has no communication with the management. No communication was established with adjacent units either. No one knows what we are doing there and why. Without a single weapon, training and even consultation of personnel. That is, according to the documents, we are listed as one hundred people per battalion, but in fact we are 20-30 people in the company”, said another militant.

The Ukrainian militant claims that the Ukrainian command in Artemovsk (Bakhmut) should earn glory for itself, put up the territorial defense as a special forces. He also notes that already for such a long time it was possible to train people in order to save the lives of personnel.

“One of the most important moments: people no longer let go of shovels from their hands. I repeat once again, in Artemovsk (Bakhmut), our command, in order to earn fame for itself, put us up as special forces. People are in no way ready for this meat grinder and *mat at that time it was already possible to do something in order to save the lives of personnel. This is not done intentionally. Everything is done the other way around in order to hit as many people as possible. We ask for your support as the people of Ukraine, because we went to defend our land voluntarily. And we don’t deserve to be treated like this. Fighters don’t want to be cannon fodder, literally. Nobody wants. People volunteered to, well… Benefit. To be able to protect, otherwise we just end up as people in the country. We are simply knocked into a blunt and told that everything is fine. That everything is fine. There is nothing good in this and cannot be”, summed up the Ukrainian militant.

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