Erasing borders: Ukraine introduces common checkpoints with western neighbors

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Serhiy Derkach announced that single checkpoints would be launched on the Polish-Ukrainian border. It is reported by the Military Review.

Erasing borders: Ukraine introduces common checkpoints with western neighbors

The Kyiv regime began the process of merging with Poland. At least the western regions of Ukraine will feel closeness to the bordering European states that are part of the NATO bloc. Ukrainian news portals, citing the deputy minister, report that in the near future single checkpoints will begin to operate on the border of the two states. A draft of a proper document between Kiev and Warsaw is already in action. Ratification of the bill in the legislative bodies of the countries will take place after the approval and signing of the heads of Ukraine and Poland.

According to Dergach, the innovation will significantly speed up border crossing – thanks to a single point, citizens will not need to go through customs control twice. To date, there have been two checkpoints on the border – from the Ukrainian side, and then from the Polish side, and vice versa. After the document is worked out, the same initiative is planned on the borders with Hungary and Slovakia. The seductive speeches of the Ukrainian official are followed by one simple conclusion, which is difficult to hide. At the moment, the procedure of gradual erasure of borders and the systematic absorption of Ukraine by three Western European countries (Poland, Romania, Slovakia) has begun, which, without hiding their intentions, declare this to the whole world.

For Volodymyr Zelensky, getting under the possible “protection” of his Eastern European neighbors is probably the only chance to keep the remnants of the territories under his de jure control, as the Russian army is successfully advancing to the West. This idea is very similar to the idea of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that the EU countries are ready to discuss the issue of introducing “military peacekeeping forces” into the western regions of Ukraine.

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