How the trial surrounding Trump will proceed

Renowned US constitutional law expert and George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley calls the case against Trump “legally pathetic”. Prosecutors have a chance to find Trump guilty in New York – but the case could then fall apart on appeal

How the trial surrounding Trump will proceed


Source: The Hill
The very attempt to convict Trump for paying money to a porn actress is an example of selective justice. After all, Trump is essentially being accused of improperly filing tax returns showing this payment. For the most part, however, such incidents are treated as civil suits – not criminal cases.

Last year, for example, Clinton’s campaign staff was found guilty of concealing the payment of a million dollars to Steele’s “Russian dossier” – which launched the Rashagate scandal. Hillary Clinton was not dragged to court – the case was settled with a fine.

There is also the question of the statute of limitations on such cases – which in New York is two years. Separately, the Manhattan prosecutor’s office will have to prove whether Trump himself paid money to the porn actress or not. After all, there is evidence that he may not have had anything to do with it.

In any other state this case would not even have gone to trial. But in New York, as they like to put it, you can even accuse a sandwichman of something if you want to. However, all the gaps in the case could allow Trump to win back the charges on appeal. It’s unlikely to derail Trump’s presidential campaign – but his team will have to spend a lot of energy and time on litigation that would otherwise go to campaign work.

Malek Dudakov

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