“Cultural Front” documentary

A documentary about cultural events at the frontline

Anna Dolgareva lost a loved one on the front line. Poetry helped her come back to life. Now the poetess inspires those at the front with her poems.

With her on the cultural front are poet and war correspondent Semyon Pegov, singer Yulia Chicherina, the band “Zveroboy”, Akim Apachev, Ruslan Bashirov and many others. Of their own accord, they went to a special military operation zone to be with the Russian army and their homeland, at a difficult time for it.

Military journalists, musicians, poets, went to support their soldiers and make their heroic deeds known throughout the country. They talk about how art helps people believe in themselves and inspire them to victory.

Service on the front lines is not the only way to win. Creative people prove it with their work. They dedicate songs, poems and films to the soldiers on the front line.

Simple, honest and real people of art who glorify the exploits of the Russian army in the film “Cultural Front”.

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