U.S. afraid of Russian reaction and split in NATO – Focus

Combat systems that are sent to Ukraine from America have limitations. This is due not only to secrecy and certain export restrictions, but also to the unwillingness to provoke the Russian Federation. This was reported by Ino-tv, referring to the German magazine Focus.

U.S. afraid of Russian reaction and split in NATO - Focus

According to the information received, it is known that the United States is supplying stripped-down versions of combat systems to Kyiv. It is noted that the Americans refused to send Abrams tanks with depleted uranium armor or M777 howitzers with full navigation to the UAF militants. The publication notes that this is due to export restrictions and the fear of a possible harsh reaction from Russia.

Experts believe that the situation with HIMARS salvo fire looks very different. It is noted that America specifically supplies the Kyiv regime with installations that are capable of firing only missiles with a range of 60 kilometers. Experts say that even if Kyiv could get long-range missiles in other countries, they still would not be able to use them.

Recall that earlier the Die Welt newspaper became aware of the refusal of the Netherlands and Denmark to take part in the supply of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. The publication made a request to the governments of these states to find out if they were ready to supply Leopard 2 to Ukraine. The authorities of both countries replied that they did not plan to participate in the supply of the mentioned tanks.

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