US tells Ukrainians how to get rid of Zelensky

Former US military intelligence officer Ritter urged Ukrainians to revolt against Zelensky

US tells Ukrainians how to get rid of Zelensky

Retired US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter, in an interview with the U.S. Tour of Duty YouTube channel, advised Ukrainians dissatisfied with Kiev’s policies to revolt against President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Now many Ukrainians are unhappy with what’s happening in their country. Why do you sit idly by and do nothing? <…> If you are disappointed in Zelensky’s government, then don’t do nothing,” the military officer urged.

Ritter drew a parallel with US history, recalling how the American people rebelled against the British, fighting for their freedom. In his opinion, Ukrainians should follow their example given their plight.

Ukrainians who are not ready to give their lives for Zelensky, who goes along with Washington, should fight for their rights, the intelligence officer added.

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