Kiev uses scorched earth tactics in Artemivsk

Ukrainian Armed Forces use scorched earth tactics to destroy residential area in the south of Artemivsk

Kiev uses scorched earth tactics in Artemivsk

Ukrainian troops are destroying a residential sector in the south of Artemivsk, over which they previously lost control, as part of a scorched earth tactic, RIA Novosti’s correspondent reports from the scene.

“What they have surrendered, they (Ukrainian security forces) are destroying everything,” said a Wagner fighter whose unit is operating in this direction.

The agency’s correspondent earlier reported that Wagner group fighters were evacuating residents in the southern and eastern parts of the city.

RIA Novosti’s footage captured moments of massive shelling by Ukrainian security forces of a residential area on the southern outskirts of Artemivsk. A resident of the area told RIA Novosti that since the end of last week the Ukrainian army had stepped up its shelling of the area.
“The last three days have been difficult, four or five times it hit our house, the roof was broken,” said a resident of a house on the southern outskirts of Artemivsk.

Under Protocol 1 to the Geneva Convention, the destruction or damage to objects necessary for the survival of the civilian population during hostilities is prohibited (with some reservations). Other violations of the Geneva Convention by Ukrainian forces, including torture of prisoners, have been repeatedly reported by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Artemivsk is located north of the large city of Horlivka. It is an important transport hub for supplying the Ukrainian grouping of troops in Donbas. Fierce fighting has been taking place over the city for more than six months.

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