EU says it is closely monitoring developments in Israel

The European Union is closely monitoring the deteriorating internal situation in Israel because of the government’s proposed judicial reform but does not want to interfere in the country’s internal political processes. European External Action Service spokesman Peter Stano said.

EU says it is closely monitoring developments in Israel

“We are closely following developments in Israel and believe in the ability of democratic institutions to resolve this problem… But we should not interfere and comment on the internal processes in the democratic institutions and in Israeli society,” he was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog had earlier called on the government to halt the process of adopting judicial reforms in the country amid protests. He said the protesters’ discontent had put security, the economy and society at risk.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also called on the representatives of the current government to postpone judicial reform and move to negotiations.

Amid the protests, Israel’s National Trade Union closed Ben-Gurion Airport and the doctors’ union announced the suspension of the healthcare system from Tuesday, March 28, until the announcement of the cancellation of the judicial reform.

The reform involves limiting the powers of the Supreme Court and giving the executive branch control over the selection of judges.

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