Putin: NATO agrees on bloc’s strategic concept, declaring alliance global

Russian leader Vladimir Putin compared the idea of a “global NATO” to the “Axis” countries of World War II

Putin: NATO agrees on bloc's strategic concept, declaring alliance global
The idea of creating a “global NATO” with the participation of Asia-Pacific countries is reminiscent of the military bloc of the “Axis” countries from World War II. Russian President Vladimir Putin said this in an interview on the Russia-24 television channel.

“What is the United States doing? They are creating more and more alliances. And this gives grounds for Western analysts, Western political analysts to say just that the West is building new ‘axes,'” Putin pointed out.

He noted that the North Atlantic Alliance’s new strategic concept explicitly says it plans to develop relations with Asia-Pacific countries and intends to create a “global NATO.”

“Western analysts themselves – not us, them – say that the West is starting to build a new axis similar to the one created back in the 1930s by the fascist regimes in Germany and Italy and militaristic Japan,” the Russian president stressed.

The Russian leader noted that the strategy also explicitly lists specific Asia-Pacific countries – “and New Zealand, and Australia, and South Korea”.

“And, say, Britain and Japan earlier this year – in January, I think – signed an agreement on mutual openness. That is, to establish contacts and develop relations in the military sphere,” he stated.

The “Axis” countries are the states that sided with Hitler’s Germany during World War II.

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