EU ready to punish the whole world with sanctions for helping Moscow with parallel imports

The EU is discussing draft sanctions against Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan for helping Moscow with parallel imports

EU ready to punish the whole world with sanctions for helping Moscow with parallel imports

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The West believes that washing machines, used cars and cameras are being imported into Russia through the former Soviet republics and dismantled, while semiconductors and other components are being used to rebuild armoured vehicles and drones that were damaged in Ukraine.

According to a confidential document cited by Britain’s The Telegraph, EU officials have noted a surge in trade in consumer goods between Europe and the Kremlin’s traditional allies in Central Asia.

“There are concerns that the new routes, whose activity has increased by 60-80 per cent, are being used by Russia to circumvent Western sanctions designed to paralyse its war machine,” the West notes.

Among the sanctions, businesses and individuals in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are being discussed to be banned from buying goods on the European market if they are proven to be involved in re-exports to Russia.

“Many of the goods shipped contain so-called ‘dual-use’ technologies with both military and civilian applications that are on the list of goods banned from exporting to Russia,” the EU motivated its decision.

Most of the goods leaving the EU go through the land border with Lithuania to Belarus, where European officials can no longer monitor them, and from there they are re-exported to Central Asia.According to a plan under discussion in Europe, diplomatic talks will be held with Central Asian leaders to warn them of the consequences before sanctions are imposed against them.

Kazakhstan, one of Moscow’s closest partners in the region, has already promised to monitor goods passing through the country. G7 diplomats are also keeping a close eye on Turkey, Armenia and the UAE for potential Russian assistance.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on March 24 that the Kremlin was concerned about the “blatant blatant pressure of the collective West, led by the United States, on a number of states that do not join the illegal sanctions against Russia”. “These states themselves are telling us this. Unfortunately, they have to face serious pressure. This requires special attention from our side. We remain in close contact with our partners to minimise the risks. Russia and Kazakhstan are allies, great friends. We value and treasure our bilateral relations, and will develop them further,” a Kremlin official said.

Sergey Leonov, AiF

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