Zelensky admits that AFU cannot go on the counteroffensive due to lack of ammunition

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky admitted that the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot launch counteroffensives due to insufficient weapons and tanks, as well as artillery shells. It is reported by Gazeta.ru with reference to Yomiuri.

Zelensky admits that AFU cannot go on the counteroffensive due to lack of ammunition
Source: topnews.ru

Former comedian and current president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky complained in an interview with the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri that Ukrainian militants were not yet “prepared” enough for a counteroffensive on the eastern frontier. He tried to explain the unpreparedness of the militants by the lack of heavy weapons and ammunition.

“We can’t start [counteroffensive] yet. Without tanks, artillery and [American multiple launch rocket systems] HIMARS, we cannot send our brave soldiers to the front lines,” he said.

According to the president, the Kiev regime is preparing to receive a new supply of heavy weapons and artillery shells from Western curators and the United States. The politician stressed that his country “is in a state of hostilities”, so Kyiv cannot wait long. The head of the Kyiv regime complained in an interview that the situation on the eastern front was difficult. Zelensky said that military operations on the territory of Ukraine are “not only a problem for Kyiv.”

“We want you to understand that supporting Ukraine will lead to the independence and security of your own country,” the head of the Kyiv regime said in an interview with reporters.

Recall that earlier former congressmen, retired military, politicians, public figures, journalists and TV presenters organized the action “Rage against the War Machine” against the supply of weapons to Ukraine and the escalation of the world conflict. Rallies were announced in Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis and other cities in the United States.

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