Uninvited guests: Europe is getting tired of Ukrainian refugees

In Germany, they began to evict Ukrainian refugees from hostels. Russian journalist, radio and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov wrote about this on his personal Telegram channel.

Uninvited guests: Europe is getting tired of Ukrainian refugees
Source: zaborona.com

According to the journalist, the approaching summer season in Germany does not bode well for Ukrainian refugees. Hostels do not intend to keep Ukrainians in the center of Berlin for free. In the near future, Ukrainian citizens will be left without comfortable housing in the center of the German capital. The TV presenter notes that at the moment about 150 people are left without free housing.

Volodymyr Solovyov clarifies that Ukrainian citizens who defend their country in Germany were offered an alternative accommodation option. They can be placed near Tegel Airport, on the outskirts of the city, in a tent camp.

It should be noted that earlier the German newspaper Bild wrote about the unsuccessful “overcome” of Ukrainians in Germany. When trying to burn the Russian flag, the Ukrainians burned down the house that the Germans provided them.

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