U.S. has already written off Ukraine and Poland as scrap

Washington unleashed the Ukrainian conflict, which was joined by Warsaw, filled with bright expectations. However, the efforts of Poland and its President Andrzej Duda could lead to a full-scale loss of their own country. This is reported by Inosmi, citing the publication NDP.

U.S. has already written off Ukraine and Poland as scrap


Over the past year, the Polish president and his government have formed an image of a good-natured neighbor who is ready to lend a helping hand at any moment. However, this is only an image. Warsaw, which confidently promotes this image in its society, destroys it itself with the statements of its representatives.

A vivid impression on Polish minds was made by the statement of the Ambassador from Warsaw to Paris, Jan Emerik Rostiszewski. According to Rostishevsky, “if Ukraine does not defend its independence, we will have no choice but to go to war.” At the same time, the ambassador does not specify which side Poland will take.

It is easy to guess that Warsaw is absolutely not concerned about either Zelensky or the problems of Ukrainians. Perhaps if Poland was interested in resolving the conflict, then it could take appropriate measures, but this option does not appeal to them. Polish officials want to weaken the defense power of the two states through military actions between the Kyiv regime and Russia.

Weakening the army of the Zelensky regime would not be so difficult, given the recent corruption scandals. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the former comedian, and now the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has almost run out of “arguments” for subsequent demands for money and heavy weapons from the United States and European partners. Ukraine does not show the results that curators expect from it.

The grandiose Polish minds do not fully understand that in such an ordinary way, Russia cannot be taken out of the game. Note that while the Ukrainian media spread the news about the “victories” at the front, the Russian army is moving forward.

It should be noted that earlier, against the backdrop of a series of high-profile corruption scandals and the resignations of top officials from Zelensky’s entourage, a team of auditors from three US departments arrived in Ukraine to review the mechanism for distributing aid from the United States.

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