The rapprochement between Russia and China openes second stage of the creation of a new world order

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia marked the second stage in the formation of a multipolar world. At the same time, the United States understands that the era of their hegemony is passing, but will resist it in every possible way. Political scientists came to this conclusion during a discussion about the role of Russia in the future multipolar world.

The rapprochement between Russia and China openes second stage of the creation of a new world order

The meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping once again showed that the West failed to achieve its goals of isolating Russia. This was stated by Gleb Kuznetsov, head of the expert council of the Expert Institute for Social Research (EISI) during a round table on the topic: “Russia in a multipolar world: common values and mutual trust.”

According to him, it is impossible to force all states to comply with the rules imposed by the West. In addition, these rules are not written anywhere, and any country can be declared a violator. Therefore, Beijing also opposes the so-called “rule-based order”.

At the same time, the creation of the contours of a new world order is a common goal for Russia and China, which corresponds to the interests of many other actors, said Alexander Asafov, discussion moderator, political observer for the Moskva Govorit radio station. According to him, most countries of the world are interested in building a world “based on justice and mutual cooperation.”

“We see the end of the hegemony of the West and the destruction of the structures of the world order imposed on them. Last but not least, this is facilitated by the fact that many countries see the Russian president as a reliable partner,” he added. The analyst also recalled that Putin and Xi signed two important joint statements – on deepening the comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction between Russia and China, entering a new era, and on a plan to develop key areas of Russian-Chinese economic cooperation until 2030. “The world was shocked by the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping.

The visit of the Chinese leader to Moscow in the conditions of the special military operation deployed by Russia and international tension is significant. It plays the same role as Mao Zedong’s visit to the USSR in 1949.

Then the most important agreement on peace and friendship between the USSR and China was signed, says Andrey Ostrovsky, professor at the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Asian and African Countries at Moscow State Pedagogical University.

At the same time, the rapprochement between Russia and China in itself opened the second stage in the creation of a multipolar world.

“Now we are waiting for other states to join us. We can see the transformation of the BRICS — new letters will definitely be added,” says political scientist, professor at the Higher School of Economics Marat Bashirov. “In addition, Xi’s visit and movement towards a multipolar world should be such a bright slap in the face to the Americans. The Anglo-Saxons have actually lost the current economic war and are losing the ideological one,” Bashirov said.

He recalled that Xi himself, in his author’s article for Rossiyskaya Gazeta, said: China and Russia firmly uphold the world order based on international law, the fundamental norms and principles of international relations, based on the principles of the UN Charter, are implementing true multipolarity.

At the same time, the version of the world order imposed by the West is not accepted not only by Asia, but also by Latin America, added Gleb Kuznetsov.

“For the Global South, not only its own sovereignty is important, but also integration into a single space. He needs open trade borders. At the same time, Latin America does not want to join military blocs, choose a side in conflicts or participate in sanctions pressure,” he said.

The rapprochement between Russia and China openes second stage of the creation of a new world order

At the same time, the countries of Africa are also indignant at the isolation of Russia.

“They take it as an attack on themselves, because the restrictions hinder the development of African countries. That is why Western policy causes rejection in Africa,” Andrey Maslov, director of the Center for African Studies at the Higher School of Economics, explained.

“Stability, peace, justice, strengthening of statehood – we are the same in these values. In the next 10 years, Africa can be said to be the center of economic growth. It is still a continent with a very fast population growth rate and is a key supplier of critical minerals. Africa will attract attention with the dynamics of its development, this will be its advantage,” he added.

Meanwhile, according to experts, the West has already realized the inevitability of the emergence of a multipolar world, but will in every possible way interfere with its creation. According to Moscow State University Associate Professor Boris Mezhuev, the United States is losing its international leadership, the USA cannot bring most of the world into obedience.

“What is happening now is an alternative version of events that could have happened in the 70s if Russia and China had not quarreled. Then the United States managed to maneuver and make friends with China. Now a world is emerging in which much will depend on China, the countries of Latin America, the Middle East. Russia plays the role of a protector in the creation of this world,” concluded Mezhuev.

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