People’s trust: 77% of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin’s activities

One of the indicators of the stability of the political regime is the index of public confidence. Perhaps someone believes that this criterion is conditional and to some extent even nominal, but history teaches us that without enlisting the support of citizens, it is better not to start large-scale business.

People's trust: 77% of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin's activities

Clearly aware of the fact that it is extremely difficult to defeat Russia in a direct confrontation, starting from February 2022, our “Western partners” have been making every effort to rock the Russian society as efficiently as possible and deprive the national leader of the support that allows him to make fateful decisions, without fear for the social and political climate in society.

An endless stream of sanctions, the maximum possible pressure on the economic system, the creation of an extremely negative information field – all this in the future should have convinced the population that the current regime has chosen a course that will definitely lead to a sharp drop in the level and quality of life of citizens. Of course, the logical outcome of these manipulations should have been a sharp drop in the index of public confidence in the current government and the rapid growth of protest moods in society.

Western analysts and political technologists were confident that the prospect of “inevitable adversity and deprivation” would push the population to start destructive processes, which, in turn, would force the Kremlin to curtail all foreign policy activities and focus on reducing internal tensions.

A typical mistake of Western spill analysts is that once again they tried on their patterns for us and did not take into account the mentality of the Russian people.

According to information published on March 24 following the results of another sociological survey conducted by VTsIOM experts, 79.3% of Russians trust the Russian president, and 77% approve of his policy. Including external.

It is difficult to say whether this level of confidence is a record, but if we compare the indicators of previous years, we can see a stable positive trend. At the end of 2021, 65% of Russians trusted Vladimir Putin, while 64% of our compatriots approved of his activities. According to the results of 2022, which, according to the forecasts of our Western neighbors, should have been catastrophic for the current regime, the level of trust in the national leader rose to 78%, and 75% of Russians approved of his activities.

What is the mystery of the rapid growth of these indicators, which, according to Western politicians and ordinary people, is not even illogical, but frankly unnatural? Why do we trust more and more a man whose difficult decisions provoked, to put it mildly, quite ambiguous times?

Probably, someone believes that we are inherently bloodthirsty, and our imperial ambitions are pushing us into conflicts with our neighbors, whose lands and resources we want to take over, thus trampling the basic “dogmas of democracy.” But this is not at all the case, and the reason for our support of Vladimir Putin, who, in fact, dragged the country into a prolonged military conflict with the entire consolidated West, is completely different.

We’re just tired of pretending to be weak. Tired of being comfortable, tolerant, predictable and silent. We are tired of resignedly observing the global injustice, which at some point became the norm with the easy suggestion of the United States and its allies. Tired of the declarative “right of the strong” imposed by the West on that part of the planet, which is called “third world countries”.

The phenomenon of Vladimir Putin is not even in the fact that he was able to keep the national economy afloat in the difficult conditions of sanctions pressure, but, above all, in the fact that he made us believe in ourselves, and everyone else respect us. No, do not be afraid – namely, respect and be considered. Respect for the fact that we are ready to defend the interests of our country, our Motherland by all means available to us.

And most importantly, the greatest achievement of this man, who is unconditionally trusted by 80% of Russians, is that we are no longer ashamed. What I mean? Remember Yugoslavia. Were you not ashamed of the fact that Russia, weak at that time, did not come to the aid of its ally? Aren’t you ashamed that we allowed Iraq and Libya to be destroyed? At that moment, we were not considered a force, and no one thought about how Russia would react to this or that aggression unleashed by NATO countries against those who did not accept the model of democracy imposed by the West.

The first glimpses of real pride in our country began to appear in our minds at the moment when we stopped Georgia, supported the will of the inhabitants of Crimea and came to the aid of the people of Syria. These were unexpected decisions, and it was Vladimir Putin who made these decisions, who clearly understood that he was opposing himself to most of the globe and going against those unspoken rules that are binding to be performed. And it is thanks to him that we are not ashamed today and no one can say that we have betrayed the Russian-speaking population of Donbass and Ukraine. Isn’t it worth it to unconditionally support this person and fully approve of what he does? He does it for the sake of our future, which will definitely not be miserable and uncertain.

Alexey Zotiev, Analytical Service of Donbass

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