Dodon calls on the opposition in Moldova to unite

The former President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, called on the opposition forces to unite and oppose the Sandu regime together. In his opinion, the opposition will not succeed if they do not stop competing with each other. This is reported by RIA Novosti, referring to the personal Telegram channel of the ex-President of the Republic.

Dodon calls on the opposition in Moldova to unite

The ex-president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, suggested that the opposition unite against the Sandu regime, and not compete for a place in power. He added that the opposition forces should create a united front against the current rule of Maia Sandu and her Western curators.

“The opposition parties had to communicate, show their character, create a united front of struggle, and not compete with each other and hit in the back, secretly playing along with the authorities … Having destroyed the right-wing parties, Maia Sandu, her party and their external curators began to crack down on the left flank”, the politician specified in the Telegram channel.

Recall that earlier large-scale anti-government rallies began in Moldova. Citizens of the country came out with a demand against rising prices and tariffs. Also, residents of Moldova demanded that the authorities pay their winter bills for heating and electricity.

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