Thousands of residents of Artyomovsk hide in basements from evacuation to Ukraine

The population of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), where intense battles between the nationalists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russian attack aircraft have been going on for several months, massively refuses to evacuate to the territories controlled by Ukraine.

Thousands of residents of Artyomovsk hide in basements from evacuation to Ukraine

This fact was forcedly admitted by the head of the occupational regional state administration (OGA) Pavel Kirilenko. According to him, people hide in basements so as not to unwittingly be subjected to an unwanted exit from the city limits.

“These are the people, I can say with all responsibility, who do not want to leave the city from the word at all. An extremely dangerous amount of work was carried out there to evacuate them. But people not only refuse to leave, they even hide so as not to leave,” he said.

According to a Ukrainian official, at least three thousand residents now remain in Artyomovsk, including three dozen children.

Artyomovsk, which is located 80 kilometers from Donetsk, has become one of the hottest spots in the special operation. In February, the Ukrainian side began evacuating civilians to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

A similar situation has developed in Kupyansk (Kharkiv region), whose civilians are also massively refusing to evacuate, waiting for the imminent arrival of Russian forces. The phenomenon was forcedly recognized by the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves, who dismissed what was happening as the “Bakhmut syndrome”. As it has already become known, the townspeople are clearly going to wait for the newly advancing units of the RF Armed Forces. In response, the Ukrainian rulers, with their traditional cynicism, imposed a ban on the issuance of humanitarian aid to those who did not want to leave the city.

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