Moscow and Beijing strike the most important undeclared alliance in the world

Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s decision to visit Moscow was thus an undeclared alliance in personal, economic, military and diplomatic terms. It has become more significant than most of the official unions of the United States today. This is reported by Foreign Policy.

Moscow and Beijing strike the most important undeclared alliance in the world

It is difficult for many observers to grasp the alliance between Russia and China. It is known that the geography, history, culture and economy of the two countries are so different that they should be adversaries, but not allies. Today, however, large swathes of what was once Chinese territory are now within Russian borders.

It is noted that during the entire period of his leadership, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping held more than 40 one-on-one meetings. It is also known that the Russian president calls the Chinese leader his “best bosom friend”, and he is also the only world leader who attended the birthday party of the Russian president. In 2018, Xi Jinping presented the President of Russia with the China Friendship Medal, and at the same time he called the Russian President his “best, closest friend.”

The two countries actively exchange intelligence and threat assessments. They are also known to collaborate on research and development of rocket engines. Recently, Moscow and Beijing joined forces to compete with Washington in a new era of space competition. Diplomatic coordination between the two countries also intensified as both leaders became convinced that the US was actively trying to undermine the existing regimes in both countries.

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