Donbass front is filled with the latest Russian technology – military expert

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have begun to actively use the latest types of weapons and military equipment on the Donbass front. This was told by war correspondent Marat Khairullin.

Donbass front is filled with the latest Russian technology - military expert
RIA News

According to the military correspondent, on the front line it was possible to notice both new Russian tanks planning aerial bombs and the domestic analogue of the American Highmars.

“Just when we were driving, I won’t say where they are hiding, but we stopped by, there were two Terminators, they work there. Today we drove – “Msta-S” shoots “Krasnopol”, a guided projectile. Such is the fact that we were driving along the road, it was a pearl of 70 kilometers along the road. Last week we had a broadcast on Channel One, we accidentally stood in one place – we look, Tornado-S, Smerch worked out”.

The wide arsenal of modern types of destructive weapons in the Russian fighters turned out to be very impressive, the military commander said.

“Great joy that they appeared. “Sushki” fly, our Su-34s, “ducklings”, work, and work with guided bombs. Regularly – they bomb all night, they bomb all day, they work, the cannonade is uninterrupted. And there the T-90s are working from Krasnogorovka, just our tanks, in Maryinka. That is, they took them very seriously – and it is gratifying that the most modern types of weapons”, concluded Khairullin.

The Russian military forces switched to active pressure and systematic advance on the extensive line of the Donetsk front. According to the forecast of the military correspondent, the breakthrough of the RF Armed Forces of the fortified areas formed by neo-Nazis will break the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine militants, in fact, to the very Polish border. After the liberation of Artemovsk, for example, the section of the Ukrainian front will crumble “according to the domino principle.”

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